Neita's Story


On a sunny June morning in 2005, Neita Wiese’s life changed in a moment. Her heart literally stopped beating. Her miraculous survival of a life-threatening heart attack is truly a testament to the quick action of her co-workers, emergency responders and hospital staff. Ironically, influenced by a career as a cardiovascular pharmaceutical sales representative and a marketing director for the American Heart Association, Neita, already health-conscious, did not fit the classic profile for heart disease.

As Neita recovered, she began to think differently about her future and what she might do with her time. “Tell your story through the delicious vinaigrette you make,” suggested a friend. It was the perfect idea! Prior to her heart attack, mixing handmade vinaigrettes and marinades was a hobby Neita enjoyed. She often entertained friends with meals marinated and dressed with her healthy homemade vinaigrettes. Guests frequently left requesting the recipes and eventually Neita started bottling the vinaigrettes in recycled wine bottles as gifts.

For years I have shared this light, tasty vinaigrette with family and friends. They have always encouraged me to share it with a wider audience. In 2005, my heart stopped beating. When it started again, I decided to live the rest of my life doing the things I loved and that were important to me. Sharing my special vinaigrette with you and yours comes straight from my heart. Enjoy it in good health!