“When Neita introduced her versatile line of vinaigrettes & marinades to us last summer our customers immediately became fans of her healthy, natural, and fresh tasting products and we are looking forward to her new carb free version, Neita's Sugar Free Citrus.”
Grace's Marketplace ⋅ New York, NY

“Our customers are very satisfied with Neita’s products. The high quality of her ingredients and the flavor of her products really make them one of our customer’s favorite choices for delicious vinaigrette. As Whole Foods Market’s Director of Marketing for our Mt Pleasant store, I can say whole heartedly that Neita is very passionate and committed to the integrity of her products and provides excellent product support and customer service.”
Whole Foods Market ⋅ Mount Pleasant, SC

“We have fallen in love with Neita and her heart healthy vinaigrettes and marinades.  Our customers are very vocal about HALLS keeping it in stock at all times.”
Halls Kansas City ⋅ Kansas City, MO

 “When Neita first brought her vinaigrette to Charleston Cooks! in early 2006, we were intrigued by her story and beautiful packaging; when we tasted it, we were hooked.  Neita’s dressings have become a staple in our store and customers return again and again to buy for themselves and as gifts.  The fresh, slightly sweet flavors are perfect as a dressing for crisp salads or a marinade for local seafood.” 
Charleston Cooks! ⋅ Charleston, SC

“It's not often as a sales person that you can recommend a product with the confidence that every time someone buys it they will love it 100% and be back for more.  With Neita's, you're guaranteeing both a satisfied customer and a repeat customer who will trust you next time.”
The Coastal Cupboard ⋅ Mount Pleasant, SC

“I probably carry thirty salad dressings in my store. Customers usually buy whatever I recommend. I truly recommend Neita's Garlic Dressing as my favorite salad dressing.”
Paul Anthony's Market ⋅ Jackson, MS

“Neita’s Vinaigrettes and Marinades are quickly becoming a Charleston favorite.  This is an excellent product for our health conscious consumers as it contains no trans fat and no cholesterol.  The unique varieties of flavors compliment any palate.  Our customers love it on salads, seafood, and anything on the grill.”
Newton Farms ⋅ Kiawah Island, SC

“Neita has created marvelous marinades that once tasted, are not easily forgotten. We were impressed by her delicious creations the first time we tasted them. As more people are becoming more health conscious and Neita herself is a testament to this idea, we are always suggesting her marinades to our customers. The newest addition to her collection of marinades has been a rousing success, the Sugar-Free Citrus Vinaigrette and Marinade. We here at The Better Cheddar are thrilled to carry Neita’s products and always look forward to seeing her in our store—she is as delightful as her marinades are delicious!”
The Better Cheddar ⋅ Kansas City, MO